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Is the Georgia Office on the Outs?

After months of working remotely due to the pandemic, you may be wondering, “Will my Georgia workplace or Georgia office come back full-force? Will I even go back to the office, or is this the new reality for Georgia? Is the Georgia office on the outs?”


You’re not the first person to have wondered this. Many have speculated whether or not remote work has changed how work will proceed from this point forward. After all, we’re in the middle of one of the most significant reinventions of work in history. When they write about the COVID-19 pandemic in history books, this is certain to be noted.  


Still, that doesn’t mean this is ideal for workers everywhere. While remote work is a fabulous tool, it isn’t for everyone. It’s for those individuals who can maximize productivity and gain flexibility from this arrangement. Being forced to work from home without an option not to (especially under increasingly challenging conditions like a pandemic, homeschooling, or roommates or spouses also working remotely) can be difficult.


While it’s unlikely to go back to the way it was pre-pandemic, we shouldn’t disregard the office altogether. The office is effective for numerous reasons, especially for our sanity and humanity. Here are some reasons the office isn’t on the outs.


An office promotes health and well-being


Although we can do everything from home, it doesn’t mean we should do everything from home. Our brains need variety, or they’re bored. The office provides the right amount of variety to keep our brains engaged in the work we need to do and maximize productivity. It also helps segment work from home so that you can maintain a proper work-life balance.


An office fosters purpose and energy


The workplace is a common area where everyone has the same goals. From the moment you walk into the building in the morning, you know what your purpose is. If your office creates a certain type of energy for your employees, they’re automatically more on top of what they need to do. Your employees will come together, form a community, and help keep each other on task. That won’t happen in the same way when everyone works remotely.


An office attracts talent


There has been an increasing emphasis on company culture in the last decade. Company culture is defined as a shared set of values, goals, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization. Over time, this company culture often becomes intangible, which means it isn’t necessarily incompatible with remote work. However, what is often incompatible is how you maintain it, especially when onboarding new employees. A physical workplace allows individuals to come into the fold and often does a much better job communicating a company’s mission and a shared communal experience for all employees.


Final thoughts


For all of these reasons and more, the office can never be on the outs entirely. While working remotely is here to stay, the office provides talent, health, well-being, purpose, energy, and other tangible benefits. We can do a lot working from home, but there’s an inevitable return to the office on the horizon.


If you’re looking for help commercially cleaning your space, redesigning your office, or safely conducting installs at this time, Georgia Office Interiors is here to help. Please visit our North Georgia showroom to learn more about our products and offerings. 

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