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How Classroom Furniture Can Impact Education Quality



Schools make all kinds of changes to improve student performance. They encourage their students to eat a hearty breakfast, ask parents to ensure that their child is dropped off on time, adjust their curriculum regularly, and alter the homework assigned. Yet, what if the quality of a student’s education is impacted by a constant in a classroom like furniture? And what if dedicating more time and energy to ensuring that this type of resource was right actually ensured that students enjoyed more success? Here’s everything you need to know about how classroom quality can impact and improve education quality (and how you can get in on it too!).


Why furniture matters


If you’re thinking, “I barely had a desk when I was back in school. Why’s it really matters?” Let’s clarify. Furniture is essential to learning because it allows a student to concentrate and work effectively and efficiently. Think about your favorite workspace. What does it have that you love about it? Keep those in mind as we go through the following elements and see if they apply (chances are that they do!).


  1. Posture: Having proper posture is something that immediately helps improve focus and engagement. If you have furniture that naturally aids proper posture, then you won’t have to chide students to sit up straight constantly. Yet, you’ll still reap all the engagement benefits.
  2. Comfort: You probably don’t want students taking a nap, but you do want them to be comfortable. Why? Because people who are uncomfortable don’t learn. It’s the same reason why you don’t want kids coming to school hungry. Discomfort = distraction and distracted kids do not learn.
  3. Function: If the furniture isn’t functional, it shouldn’t be in the room to begin with. Classrooms are dynamic spaces that need to adapt to the individuals in them. Tables and chairs should be for individual work as well as group work. Anything that serves a dual role wins supreme!
  4. Flexibility: Let’s face it, not everyone learns the same way and that’s okay. Having educational furniture that’s flexible is so important. It should be able to work for multiple students and learning styles.


What to look for


So, what exactly does great educational furniture look like? Teknion products are some of the best on the market because they’ve moved away from the traditional classroom model. All of their products are specifically designed for versatility and can be easily reconfigured depending on the needs of both the students and the teacher. Say hello to active learning and collaboration when you put their furniture in your classrooms!




Final thoughts


Looking for a top furniture provider in the Alpharetta, Cumming, Dawsonville, or North Georgia area that can help you remodel? Georgia Office Interiors has over 35 years in the furniture market and helps to outfit major educational institutions like the University of Central Florida and Valencia College in the State of Florida. Georgia Office Interiors carries over 250 furniture lines and can help take your classroom to the next level. Take the leap to get your students the best furniture that’s on the market. Georgia Office Interiors is here to help!

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