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The Shift Towards Ancillary Workspaces by Georgia Office Interiors

Gone are the days when employees were stacked in fixed-size cubicles. Today, organizations are transforming workplaces to make them as accommodating as possible and improve the work environment. This not only increases the workplace’s aesthetic appeal and the overall level of job satisfaction for the employees but it also benefits the company itself. Studies show that the better the workspace, the higher its productivity!

Currently, office designs are experiencing a shift towards ancillary workspaces. The recent trend has taken the idea of open offices to the next level. So, what exactly are ancillary workspaces and what is all the hype about them? Well, an ancillary workspace refers to the office design that is less “corporate-like.” Space is more casual and works to provide the employees with a relaxed environment. Let’s take a look at how ancillary workspaces surpass traditional office designs.  

Community & Versatility

Ancillary workspaces are meant to be casual and versatile. The aim is to provide employees with a workplace that can support different work styles and promote an office culture of choice and harmony. Instead of restricting the employees to a designated desk and chair, an ancillary workspace allows them to choose the place that inspires them the most.

Working in such an ideal environment increases not only the loyalty for the company among employees but also promotes a culture of creative collaboration. The company turns into a community with the single aim of achieving the organizational goals as a team!


Residential Influence

No one likes to wake up in the morning and go to work. But what if we could make the office feel like home? Admittedly, the overall productivity of the employees will increase, and they will no longer feel caged by the rigidity of a formal workstation. Ancillary workspaces offer the ultimate solution! This setting gives a ‘homey’ vibe that allows the employees to relax and enjoy their work instead of feeling bored or stressed.

Adopting the Trend                                   

Upgrading to an ancillary workspace is not as difficult as it may sound. All you have to do is get a bit creative! Set up casual and comfortable seating arrangements. You can go for unconventional tables, lounge seating or comfy cushions to make the ancillary space feel more like a home or a classy cafe than a traditional workspace.


The design team at Georgia Office Interiors would love to partner with you on converting your office space into an ancillary setting where employees can rejuvenate and recharge!

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