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Taking Work Outdoors-Georgia Office Interiors-North Georgia’s #1 Office Furniture Dealer



Atlanta and North Georgia companies are continuing to better workspaces and provide areas for employees that provide comfort and a change in scenery. Rather than sitting in an office or cubicle for eight hours a day, a breath of fresh air and sunlight is essential in keeping staff energized and focused. Outdoor office space has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, originating on the West Coast. As Atlanta continues to skyrocket in growth, we are also seeing work environments upgrade as well.



While new to the North Georgia area, Georgia Office Interiors (GOI) is proud to serve North Metro Atlanta and bring new visions of how office space should look. Following in the footsteps of its parent team Interior Contract Services Inc. location in Orlando, Florida, it doesn’t take much to see the success they have had in the region, especially Gainesville, Dawsonville, Cumming, and Dahlonega¾a booming area with remarkable growth in recent years. Whether it’s a small business, campus library, or police station, Georgia Office Interiors can transform any workspace. With the mild climate of Georgia, outdoor workspace can be utilized year-round, and can provide a relaxing “escape” from the office. To keep up with other large businesses, outdoor working is becoming a must to provide employment benefits and encourage applicants.



Equipped with high quality and modern furniture from brands such as AIS and hundreds of other manufacturers¾Georgia Office Interiors can handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. The team consists of project managers, interior designers, and installers committed to meeting deadlines and providing the best product. From something as simple as a bench, to a series of outdoor dining spaces, there are many opportunities to spruce up your office.


In the wake of COVID-19, outdoor workspace is even more desirable as the spread of the virus is much less substantial when outside. Not only will outdoor space provide comfort, but it can also provide safety during these unparalleled times. What better way to encourage employees as they attempt to return to normalcy, than to offer a new and refreshing office environment. Create at workspace that your employees will love, and will motivate them throughout the work day-especially during a global pandemic.



Considering transforming your workspace whether indoors or outdoors? Check out to start the process and envision what your office could look like!